5 Health Benefits Of Zobo You All Should Know


    5 Health Benefits Of Zobo You All Should Know- Maidobino

    Because the Roselle leaf has already had sweet natural taste, most of Zobo drink lovers do not put sugar in their drink and so does restaurants.

    A few of them still use low-cholesterol sugar for some reasons, particularly, because they like sugar so much. This one factor is what makes Zobo special because it offers a naturally sweet taste which is certainly safe and not endangering health. Fortunately, health benefits of Zobo is immeasurable, this is because it gives nothing but a natural touch, organic essence and fresh nutrients without any contamination.

    Anyway, you should know as well about the good nutrients that Zobo drink has. This applies to the Roselle leaf only and this shows that the benefit can vary and increase when you put other essences to your Zobo drink in addition to the main essence. Some of those nutrients are:
    Water soluble antioxidant
    Huge amounts of vitamin C
    Organic acids including citric acid, tartaric acid and maleic acid
    Acidic polysaccharides and flavonoid glycosides as like delphinine and cyanidin.
    Anti-hypertensive properties
    Anti-bacterial propertis
    Enzyme inhibitor
    High level of antioxidant
    Those nutrients and good essence contained at Zobo drink, particularly at Roselle leaf, work well to prevent and or cure some illnesses below;
    a. High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Diabetes and Constipation
    b. Lost of Appetite
    In addition the sense of mood, lost of appetite also closely relates to digestive system. Zobo drink offers various nutrients needed and nutritionally necessary ranging from iron, caffeine-free, niacin, carotene to calcium so the consumers would get his/her appetite back as the digestive system returns normal. Those nutrients work hand by hand to overcome any bacteria and worm in digestive system supported by anti-bacterial properties which is also found at Zobo drink.
    c. Fever, Cold and Infection
    The richness of vitamin C in Zobo drink is naturally effective for curing as well as preventing fever, cold and infection. This was stated by Abimbola Ajayi, a nutritionist and director of Family Health and Nutrition.
    d. Kidney Disease
    People with kidney disease are advised to consume Zobo drink as it contains 15 to 30 percent of organic acid as mentioned above. The mechanism is all about the more ability of kidney to filter out some waste products such as the uric and oxalic acid. Those two wastes can form a sort of stone at the kidney and when it gets bigger, it would be excessively heavy.
    However, it is advisable for them not put sugar in the liquid so that the natural essences of Zobo could well-preserved and not contaminated with other non-natural essences such as sugar as we find at regular market. A nutritionist say that the main advantage of local and original drink is because it is made through fermentation process producing microorganism that the good nutrients which already exist would increase more and more.
    e. Cancer
    Zobo drink could prevent cancer as it is rich with anti-oxidant essences. Consuming any food or raw materials rich with anti-oxidant would significantly strengthen the immune system especially in fighting free radical. As a consequence, body would be well-kept from various diseases, including cancer which regularly occurs as an impact of free-radical contamination


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