A woman gave birth to set of twins 21 days apart,what a Miracle


    The story of this couple will surprised you, they had a baby a girl after 18 years of married and been together and then few days after getting home from the hospital the new mother complained of having pains in her stomach, this days after giving birth to a babe girl

    Through her pregnancy the hospital scan show it was one baby they expecting, when she keep on having this pain that’s when they decided to go back to hospital for check up , this was over 21 days after giving birth to the first baby return from the hospital with healthy baby

    I’m please watch her story from the couple mouths themselves

    Open getting to the hospital they did another scan and it showed that there was one more baby in her stomach and then she gave birth to a another healthy baby 21 days after the first baby was born

    I don’t know what we should call this one

    I have never heard anything like this , it should be a record breaker I don’t think anything like this have happened in the world please watch the video and hear the couple speaking out and also see the beautiful two healthy babies


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