Arteta sends a strong warning to Arsenal players during the unveiling


Arsenal’s new manager Mikel Arteta has warned that any player who doesn’t adhere to his philosophy will be considered “not good enough” to represent the club.

Arteta said so during its official unveiling on Friday.

Prior to his appointment, high-level members of the Arsenal team expressed concern that the Spaniard was not experienced enough.

Captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been linked to a January expulsion from the Emirates, along with some of his teammates.

Arteta did not name names at its press conference, but sent a message to the players.

“I want to do things my way by convincing them that it’s the right way. I want people who are comfortable with what I ask them to do, “said Arteta.

“I want people who give passion and energy to the football club. Anyone who doesn’t join is not good enough for this club and culture.

“I need to understand how they feel, what they miss. If I reach this point, I can help them, they will trust me and follow me. “


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