Ben samuel  Coronavirus advice to Nigerians is don’t be complacent and don’t be an Idiot


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My personal Coronavirus advice to Nigerians is don’t be complacent and don’t be an Idiot

the misinformation surrounding the coronavirus, and how Prepared Nigeria is against the virus that’s
also known as Covid-19 is something we must not ignore,

I know its very comforting to say the virus is not longer in nigeria, and we try to play politics with it, knowingly fully well how dangerous this virus is and the danger it poses to nations, I know our government has in the recent days assure the nation of the need not panic as they are well-prepared but the reality is different, and we must not be complacent about the need to take  personal responsibility in looking after ourselves and be watchful,
the danger of the information the government is given out  is that it makes our  men and women working at our  border and airport to be less  prepare and pro active in screening those coming from overseas,

There’s only one confirmed coronavirus case in the Nigeria with mix information as the true state of the Italian man, also the notion that black people have resistant to diseases is counter-productive and the government should tell the public to disregard such notion

I understand it is not a comforting thing to hear about the spread of something deadly,” but it better you make clear to the public the danger it poses instead of remaining mute in the face of such misinformation
Nigeria government must protect our borders and airport and prepares for the outbreak in case it show it ugly head in Nigeria again


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