Bishop Oyedepo vs Daddy Freeze: When Actions More Than Words Preach Christ


Bishop Oyedepo Vs Daddy Freeze: When Actions More Than Words Preach Christ

By Charles Kaye Okoye

“Dear Bishop Oyedepo, submission goes both ways, it is not reserved for the wife alone, rather both the husband and the wife MUST submit to each other. ”

The above was Daddy Freeze’s response to Bishop Oyedepo’s recent teaching on wives’ submission to their husbands

Incidentally, many of us never knew that Freeze said this, nor knew that Bishop Oyedepo taught recently on wife’s submission…….until Pastor Ibiyieomie ranted furiously and said all he would do to the BASTARD from Somalia. That was when most of us started asking what happened. And then our attention was drawn to how Dr Freeze countered Bishop on wives’ submission to husbands.

If you were in doubt as to the immediate cause of the problem, Pastor Ibiyieomie’s constant refrain to “what can a divorcee who could not maintain a wife and a home know or teach about marriage?” cleared out doubt. But then, no one could rule out pent up anger over a man who had and have continued to disagree with many of the teachings of the pastors, especially on the issue of tithe and tithing.

Some other little known pastors had to take their blows at Freeze. Very few people noticed, until another son of Oyedepo, Pastor Dr Paul Enenche stood on the altar to talk about what a nonentity Freeze is, and how cursed he is already, and about his bipolar something something….. Kai! He killed Freeze, and maybe placed him where he deserves to be. And like Ibiyieomie, Dr Enenche emphasized too that a man who is divorced has nothing whatsoever to talk about marriage, especially in response to one who has kept one for over 30 years.

While all these were going on, a video surfaced in which Daddy Freeze had referred to Bishop Oyedepo as a “bald headed fowl”. And yes, all that had given Daddy Freeze tacit support, accepted that this comment which was made about 3 years ago was indeed an insult to Bishop Oyedepo, and that Freeze should have minded how he talked.

It is understandable then that the reactions by Oyedepo’s sons could have had more to do with a remote cause than an immediate cause.

Yet, such rants on the altar…..

Well, it is gladdening that Daddy Freeze has come out to apologise to Bishop Oyedepo publicly over that video in which he referred to him as bald headed fowl. That’s good. Yet, he didn’t change his views about submission in marriage being both ways; which is an opinion he is very well entitled to.

It is instructive to note that Daddy Freeze’s apology has somehow endeared him to many. I have read many praising him for his humility. Humility? Many claimed he had demonstrated Christ’s virtue.

Compare Daddy Freeze to Bishop and his sons, and you will understand the significance of what Daddy Freeze just did. The Bible taught that to err is human. It means therefore that no human is beyond sin or mistake. But many of those killing Freeze today already think that they are beyond mistakes and sin.

Let’s look at the Bishop for instance. On 1st December, 2019, Bishop Oyedepo had stood on his altar to regale a marmot crowed in his church, and of course, millions of other followers all over the world, with the tale of the man in Aso Rock being one Jubril from Sudan. Reading from a newspaper, Oyedepo had gone on to tell about how the Jubril’s family from Sudan had even come to Aso Rock, signed an agreement that would see Nigeria cede a percentage of her monthly oil revenue to Jubril’s family and to Sudan for many years just to shut up the mouths of the Jubril’s family and the Sudanese government.

Subsequently, Bishop launched into dangerous prayer against Jubril, the cabal that brought him in, and all “enemies” of Nigeria. And his large congregation thundered amen to all the dangerous prayers.

It emerged later that Bishop was simply “fooled” by a satire written by Olatunji Dare, a well known satirist.

It is still a wonder whether Bishop was truly fooled, or whether he simply seized a needed wonderful opportunity to ridicule his enemy, and heat up the polity once more by adding currency and credence to Nnamdi Kanu’s hallucination. After all, Oyedepo is a Pro Chancellor of two great universities, and he has never ever come across as illiterate.

Recall too that on the same day, Rev Father Mbaka had his church harvest, in which Peter Obi and other top politicians were in attendance. Mbaka had ridiculed Peter Obi, and even declared that they he and his principal in the then forth coming election would be disgraced. Obi’s sin was that he didn’t rush out to pledge millions to the church, and he was unmoved by all Father Mbaka’s coercion.

These regrettable action of both highly placed men of God riled Nigerians and got their tongues wagging.

Two days letter, Father Mbaka’s profuse apology to Dr Peter Obi and to Nigerians was all over the national dailies. But nothing of sort from the Bishop himself! In his next sermon, during Shiloh, Oyedepo talked about how he was being asked to apologise for his Jubril of Sudan misinformation. He bragged about how he is the offspring of a Lion who can never be subdued; he bragged about how he has NEVER EVER had to apologise for whatever he had said for so many years he has been in the ministry. How much more arrogant can someone be! Even when one should be embarrassed to have been involved in such ridiculous act?

What is there to emulate in a man who thinks he is above mistake, and who thinks that apologizing for obvious error amount to being subdued?

How many times has Bishop Oyedepo cursed and incited from his altar, yet till date, he doesn’t think he owes anyone any apology.

Talk about his spiritual children; like father like sons! They have all taken the same posture their father has taken. Both Bishop Abioye, Oyedepo’s second in command, and Dr Paul Enenche did something, for which I thought they should have since apologized to Nigerians.

After the last police recruitment exercise, both Abeoye and Enenche came to church to inform their respective large followers that candidates were forced to write Arabic Language during the recruitment test. Everyone capable of reasoning knew that this would never be possible. But both men went on to insist that it happened, and that it was all part of the Islamization agenda they had always talked about. It was all a scheme to ensure that Southerners and Christians were schemed out of the exercise. And in their usual manner, both men raised dangerous prayers against every Islamization agenda, and against the “enemies” of Nigeria. Yours truly was still an altar worker in Dunamis, and was in church as my pastor raised these dangerous prayers. And while others thundered amen, I wept at what these men were doing to our dear nation. I was supposed to thunder amen!

It has since emerged that that claim of candidates being forced to write Arabic was false. But has anyone of the pastors that propagated this falsehood and followed it up with dangerous prayers found it necessary to apologise, or at least be a little more circumspect going forward? No! Such is not in their character…. If Christ has it, they don’t have to have it.

These are just few examples of what happens today with many of our charismatic Pentecostal pastors. The truth is that beyond their preaching, their attitude and character, most times, leave people wondering whether there is truly Christ in them.

It is no surprise then that to many Nigerians, Daddy Freeze has just demonstrated Christ, and has shown one thing which our big Papas have since lost….. humility and remorse when in error.

The best way to teach is by character, not by words of the mouth…..let our papas teach us by their characters; Nigerian Christians are gradually switching off.

Charles Kaye Okoye is a Port Harcourt based public affairs analyst.  He can be reached


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