Buhari Has Not Done Well In Past Five Years – Arewa Youths Blast Presidency


According to Yerima Shettima, The president-General of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, on Sunday, maintained his stand over the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has not done well in the last five years.

In his statement, while commenting on Femi Adeshina’s statement, he said:
“He (Buhari) has not done well, Femi Adesina is only doing his job and you don’t expect him to say otherwise because he will always get his salary, even those in government have admitted that something is wrong.

“I do not think it’s right for any normal person to say they have done well in the area of economy, security, policy, in terms of clear direction of where they are heading.

“In the first place, there is no programme in the last few years, so I do not understand how somebody would imagine and say they are doing well. If you speak with those in government one-on-one, they always admit that something went wrong and that they have failed.

“We all know that this is one of the critical times, all hopes must not be dashed, all hands must be on deck.

“The very bad side of this government is that they don’t open up to discuss some of the issues they are having so people can advice them and even if you advice them, they don’t believe it’s true and when you are not part of them, they won’t take it, so this is a problem.”

“Though Buhari has to take responsibility but government is not runned by an individual, it’s a collective thing.” Shettima made this remark while he commented that the president Buhari’s team is not good enough.

“Unfortunately, the team Buhari has is not good enough, most of them are not good enough.” he said.

He further addressed that there are good hands that are willing to work well with the president, but the number of those not competent for the job have overwhelmed the good hands.

“Though there are a few good hands who are determined to work but they are being overwhelmed by majority of those who see governance as a means of livelihood and business against the collective will of over two hundred million Nigerians.

“If Buhari had a better team they would have worked but when you have a team that is doomed and only a few that has foresight and being overwhelmed, then don’t expect to see anything less than what we are currently seeing,” he said.


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