Busola Dakolo vs. Pastor Biodun: Nigeria’s police declare their position after a court decision


Nigerian police announced on Thursday that the court’s decision to dismiss the case against COZA, Pastor of the Commonwealth of Sion, COZA, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo would not stop their investigation into charges against the cleric.

Police said it would continue to investigate allegations of rape against Fatoyinbo.

The Force’s public relations officer, Frank Mba, revealed this information in an interview with reporters in Abuja.

Yesterday, Judge Oathman Musa of the Abuja Federal High Court had stated in his ruling that the case against Fatoyinbo was an injustice and an abuse of judicial process; adding that the case was empty and purely sentimental.

The judge then explained that the case was more about cruelty than justice.

The court also sentenced Busola Dakolo to the cost of 1 million naira and estimated that the fine should have been 10 times higher because his time had been lost.

Dakolo promised to appeal the court’s decision.

However, the police maintained that this was a civil matter and that, as a result, the investigation had no impact on the police.

“The position of the law in Nigeria, which is very clear, is that an investigation and criminal prosecution can be conducted at the same time as a civil litigation,” said Mba.

“Failure in one does not prevent the other. And so, we continue our own case and when we finish, we will keep Nigerians informed, “he added.


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