CAN condemns the new killings in the Plateau


    The president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, 19 northern and Abuja states, the Reverend Yakubu Pam, strongly condemned the renewed attacks and assassinations in Kuben, Mangu and Kwatas in the local government areas of Bokkos of the district Senate Central of the State Plateau.

    Reverend Pam, in a statement to Jos, noted that the ugly development dampens the excitement of the Plateau residents, who crossed the border happily from 2019 to 2020 with much hope and aspirations for the year 2020.

    He regretted that merchants of death and agents of satan came out of their well-armed hiding places and attacked, killed, destroyed the homes and property of innocent people in the two affected local government areas in questionable circumstances.

    Pam assured that residents of Bokkos and Mangu and other stubborn communities in the Plateau declare that God would intervene in what had happened to them, saying that “Almighty God is responsible for the affairs of His people.”

    He said, “God is watching over current events in parts of the north, especially the Plateau State, which has become the target of insurgents and attackers.”

    He assured the government and the people of the state that God would not abandon them or abandon them to their test.

    Pam also assured that “God is coming to save them from the hands of their tormentors,” and they should not let their hearts be troubled by the unfolding events.

    He exhorted them to remain faithful to the service of the Almighty as creator of heaven and earth.

    The northern Christian leader also strongly condemned the recent horrific assassination of Ropvil Daciya Dalep, who was previously a 200-level student of Maiduguri University and others in the state, who were kidnapped while ‘They were on their way to Maiduguri to carry out legitimate assignments.

    He urged the governors of the North not to be discouraged by the current antics of the insurgents, but to prepare for the recent security problems by bringing to justice the perpetrators of evil in society.

    According to him, the leaders of the communities affected by the recent incidents of attacks and murders in the Plateau and in other parts of the North should be held responsible “for opening up to the government and the security agencies by revealing the people who commit heinous crimes in the agitated communities so that these bad merchants are brought to justice. “


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