China copied Rolls Royce and name it Hongqi E-HS9 The Luxury SUV That China Made to compete Against Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Rolls Royce are not happy


All nations apart from Africa countries, go out and made deal that benefit their people,
I remember when I was in Lagos
we used to sell HP inks made in China and repackage as made in Singapore,

China has been copying Westen countries products intellectual property and making it better for their people

There was even a time when you put on cloth that’s made in China, people laughed at you but China did not give up today nobody is laughing them

They continue to encouraging their over 1billons citizens to buy made at home and they end any foreign importation of all things they can produce and anything they can’t produce they go out there and bought them in large quantity and then disassembled them and take their time to learn how to make it better in due time they become one of the best in the whole world to import everything from

Even those nations that used to pride themselves in originality have now actually moved their factories to China

All-new Hongqi E-HS9 Is The Luxury SUV That China Throws Against Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Let Rolls -Royce go sue them and China will tell you nothing say rose Royce in it , you only trademarks the name rolls Royce not the look or body , case over


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