Corruption: TUC supports bill on the immunity of National Assembly Leaders



Trade Unions Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has declared its support for the bill to grant immunity to the leaders of the National Assembly.

The position was contained in a statement by TUC president Quadri Olaleye on Wednesday.

Olaleye called for extending immunity to the State Chambers of the Assembly.

The union leader argued that protecting chamber presidents from corruption would ensure that legislative processes run smoothly.

“With the imprisonment of some former governors and other politicians, there is no need to express fear about the bill,” said Olaleye.

“Those who have abused the public trust fund can still be investigated, tried and imprisoned after their terms have expired,” he said.

The bill was sponsored by a member of the House of Representatives, Odebunmi Olusegun.

The beneficiaries would be the President of the Senate, the Member of Parliament, the President of the House of Representatives and the Member of Parliament.

The bill, which passed second reading in plenary, is part of the pending amendment to the Constitution amended in 1999 by the National Assembly.



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