COVID-19 : Any Corpse Brought To Benue Will Be Seized – Gov Ortom


The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has given a directive that no corpse should be brought into the state as part of the measures to avert the spread of COVID-19.

He gave the order while meeting some warring communities in Benue on Tuesday, Ortom said any corpse brought into the state will be impounded.

The governor, however, exempted families who “feel strongly” they want to bring the bodies of their loved ones into the state, saying such persons would get a medical report before doing so.

“In a situation where a family feels strongly that the corpse of their loved one should be brought into the state, they must obtain express permission from the state action committee on COVID-19,” he said.

“Such a family must produce a medical report of the dead person before moving it to the state.

“We will impound any corpse that will be brought into the state without any medical report. We will impound and bury it wherever we want.

“Bury the corpse of your loved ones where they died particularly in this trying period of COVID-19. The steps that we have taken against COVID-19 are not aimed at punishing anyone but to protect Benue people.”

Ortom then implored the security operatives to ahead and arrest anyone who flouts the law.

Out of Nigeria’s 4,641 confirmed COVID-19 cases, Benue State have two.


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