COVID-19: ‘Nine Out Of 10 Will Recover, So What Is The Fear About’ – Minister Of Health


Nigeria Minister of health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, has  said nine of out 10 COVID-19 patients will recover from the disease.

Speaking to journalists at the presidential task force briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja, on Monday, Ehanire said people are panicking as a result of the high number of confirmed cases in the country while forgetting that such infected persons will most likely recover.

One journalist had asked the health minister to give response to the rumours that an ambulance was used to transport some COVID-19 patients from Bwari in Abuja.

In his response, Ehanire said: “I would like to appeal to everybody not to see an ambulance as a sign of COVID-19 if that’s not what it is. An ambulance can do a large number of things, so the sign of an ambulance does not immediately translate to COVID-19. That is over the top of apprehension.

“It can happen but in this case, I don’t believe so. There is no reason for apprehension because over 90% of those who have COVID-19 will recover.

“Nine out 10 will recover, so what is the fear about. Only that the numbers are so large that we forget that people recover and the few get very sick, that is just about four or five out of 100.”

Dr Ehanire further said that the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) will double its testing capacity from 1,500 to 3,000 persons on a daily basis.

He said a new national action plan is being developed to heighten efforts in fighting the disease, encouraging Nigerians to adopt the use of face masks during activities outside their various homes.

“Thirteen molecular diagnostic laboratory nationwide have been activated so far by the NCDC and the target this week is to double the national testing capacity which stands at 1,500 a day,” he said.

“A strict guide for the use and maintenance of cloth masks is in development and will be publicised. It is sufficing to say that your masks must be washed everyday and if possible, ironed.”

The NCDC on Sunday evening announced 86 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 627.

Lagos State has the highest number of cases with 376. While a total 170 patients have recovered from the virus across the country, 21 patients have died from the virus.


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