COVID-19: Please,Stop Putting Our Lives At Risk; Nigerian Doctors Beg Patients


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) says some patients are putting the lives of health workers at risk on course of COVID-19 management. 

In a statement issued by the health association, Francis Faduyile and Olumuyiwa Odusote, chairman and secretary general of the medical association respectively, said while three doctors and one nurse have died of the coronavirus pandemic, over 40 health workers have been exposed unduly.

NMA said health workers have to be safeguarded against contracting the virus while discharging their duties, calling on the federal government to facilitate the distribution of PPE, personal protective equipment to those on the forefront of the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

“So far, over 40 doctors and other healthcare workers have tested positive with 3 doctors and 1 nurse paying the ultimate price,” the statement read.

“This very disturbing and unsettling development comes against the unfolding scenario as reported in the media that some VIPs in the society are refusing to report to and be admitted at Isolation and Treatment centres for treatment, rather, prefer to stay at other non-accredited facilities.

“The Association perceives that by continued refusal to adhere to instructions, some citizens have vowed to make healthcare workers very vulnerable to contracting the disease.

“NMA wishes to re-iterate that none of the infected healthcare workers or those that died contracted the disease at an Isolation and Treatment centre, but in general public and private health facilities while treating patients many of whom refused to disclose important medical/travel information that would have increased the suspicion and facilitate early diagnosis of COVID-19 infection.

“NMA therefore appeals once again to government to expedite action on distributing PPEs to public and private hospitals without delay. We also remind our members all over the federation to consider everybody presenting at the hospital for any ailment as potential COVID-19 patient until proved otherwise. Our lives also matter.”


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