Depressed Because Of My “Yeye K-Legs”- Anonymous


    A man online has come out to discuss how saddened he his whenever he see his Konck knees, more commonly known as “K-Leg”.

    In his statement, he described that he always has the feeling of people laughing at him whenever he walks on tiny trousers.

    He went as far as narrating his experience with a lady he laid with, where he was trying to put on the television and the lady noticed his legs.

    From the look of things, he seems really bothered, as he has already made up his mind to go for a surgery when he has the financial capacity to do so abroad.

    Read through his statement:

    “Yes I have K legs, although it isn’t visible that much.

    “I have lots of confidence which tends to help me but then when someone tells me I have those scissors legs my confidence drops to 0 then climbs back gradually ones I get angry and make love to a new girl.

    “It’s really annoying.

    “I can’t help but admire those with straight legs… They don’t know how lucky they’re.

    “I yen for straight legs.
    I know ones I have enough money I’ll travel out and perform osteonomy to correct the genu valgrum… Yes I know all about K leg.

    “Ok… I syked a girl in the night and god willing she wasn’t that hard to get.

    “She slept over on Tuesday so in the morning I was up trying to put on th Tv.

    “She was like jeeez.
    Babe you have K legs… Walk let me see

    “I felt depressed immediately.

    “Even when I’m on skinny jeans I feel someone is laughing at my K small legs.

    “I won’t complain if it was Bow arrow legs…. Bow legs don’t make your whole body look out of shape like K LEGS…

    “When I was in secondary school K legs where my biggest insecurities… I didn’t approach any girl or have a girlfriend because I felt she won’t like my K legs… Yes they actually don’t like K legs.

    “How tiring to have K legs.

    “Oh I hate K legs.

    “I’ve done numerous times to exercise to fix the K legs but the K legs won’t fix

    “How hard is it to get fix?
    Why won’t my K legs fix after much exercise.

    “I can’t where shorts because people will say I walk like a horse or a broken table.

    “What’s all this?

    “K legs is killing me… I swear I’ll have a surgery done because I feel after the K legs heal to normal I’ll feel more at ease… Jeeeez I think of it all day long.

    “I hate K legs
    “I just dislike it… I know everyone with K legs in my street.

    “The word K alone annoys me.


    “Why didn’t my leg just grow straight.



    Your opinion, Are deformities such as this worthy of loosing your confidence in public??


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