EFCC Issues Warning to Nigerians and Boys of Yahoo


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has again warned Nigerians against dubbers.

The anti-corruption agency has warned Nigerians to avoid miracle banks and money doublers.

EFCC also advised Nigerians to stay away from companies without offices, adding that no one was doing it. even politicians are not exempt from arrest if they are found guilty of economic and financial crimes.

The anti-corruption agency issued this warning in a question and answer section on its verified Twitter page on Sunday.

The message said: “Nigerians must be wary of fantastic banks, be wary of” money doublers “!

“Escape commercial entities without an office location! Do not be driven by greed!

“It is better to act with wisdom than to regret action. We also have what it takes to arrest and prosecute ANY Nigerian politician who has committed economic and financial crimes. ”

EFCC added that Yahoo’s boys are a “curse” for Nigeria that will now continue to be hunted until they renounce a fraudulent act.

“Yahoo’s boys are actually a” curse “for the country and must stop spreading immediately.

“For educational and informational purposes, Internet fraud is a form of cybercrime punishable under several sections of the 2015 Cybercrime Act (prevention of prohibition, etc.).
A prison sentence of 7 years awaits the convicted person or a fine of 5 million nairas, “added the post.


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