EPL: “Mauricio Pochettino would have suited Chelsea better than Thomas Tuchel” ~Paul Merson


Paul Merson, a former Arsenal Player and football pundit believes chelsea would have named Paris Saint-Germain boss, Mauricio Pochettino, as the manager instead of Thomas Tuchel.

Merson claimed Chelsea made a mistake by appointing Tuchel as Frank Lampard’s replacement, adding that Pochettino would have been better suited for the Blues job.

However, Thomas Tuchel was unveiled as Chelsea’s new coach on Tuesday night the following the sacking of Lampard on Monday.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Burnley on Sunday, Merson told Daily Star: “Mauricio Pochettino would have suited Chelsea better than Thomas Tuchel. Okay, there would’ve been an uproar, to begin with from Chelsea fans because of his Tottenham past.

“But Pochettino is a proven Premier League manager, knows all the players already, and could’ve made an impact straight away.

“Tuchel could take a couple of months to get used to the league and find out everything he needs to know about his squad.

“I know Pochettino took the PSG job at the start of January, but Chelsea must have known they were going to sack Frank Lampard.

“They could have marked Pochettino’s card and asked him to wait. I think Pochettino would rather be the manager of Chelsea than PSG.

“It is more of a challenge for a start. In Paris, all he has to do to win that league is to make sure his players remember their boots every week.

“And he surely would have loved coming back to London to try and show Spurs they made a mistake getting rid of him.


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