FBI list: President Buhari under fire, ready to issue a decree.


Garba Shehu, senior special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari for media and advertising, said the federal government was preparing a decree to combat fraud and money laundering. Shehu said that while appearing in Sunday Politics, a Channels Television show.

He described the 77 suspects on the FBI list released last week as an embarrassment to the country. “It’s a double damage for every citizen of Nigeria. It is a great fright for all of us who come out of this country and are seen in this image that these our brothers created. ”

“We will cooperate with international organizations, the government will generate and request new laws in the National Assembly and there will be new decrees that will prevent some of these loopholes exploited by some of our compatriots to go there and embarrass and put the country’s blacklist, “Shehu said.

On the federal government’s specific response to the FBI’s list, he said, “As I said earlier, this administration will work with all the nations of the world to fight crime. If Nigerians are involved in this case, then good luck to them. ”

“The president will not stand in the way of justice. All citizens traveling outside this country must obey the laws of their host country. President Muhammadu Buhari is not one to excuse Nigerians from the laws of the countries in which they reside. ”

“So you expect a stronger engagement with the National Assembly. The laws will have to change, we have to deal with this problem and, if decrees are to be passed, it will be strengthened very quickly. ”

Asked if there was direct communication between Nigeria and the US government about this incident, the presidential media assistant said, “Yes, the diaspora commission is here and the Nigerian government has taken position on this subject.”

“I think that every person with a modest sense knows that the action of a few Nigerians is not the action of all Nigerians. We are over 200 million in the country and you are talking about 80 Nigerians in this case. They will have to deal with the judicial system.”

” If the Nigerian government is to cooperate anyway with extradition, if it meets the requirements of our laws, it will be assisted to ensure that they are brought to justice in this country.”

“Nigerians are hard workers of the world There are millions of citizens who legitimately earn their living, they do not deserve to be tarnished. “


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