Finally: CJN unveils plans for the judiciary.


Nigeria’s Chief Justice, Judge Tanko Muhammad, has stated that since his appointment, he has been providing a prompt dispensation of justice to rid the institution of corruption.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar in Lagos, Muhammad swore that the judiciary under his watch will not be subject to anyone.

“Since my appointment as Chief Justice, I have been striving to reinvent our processes, ensure a rapid and quality administration of justice, strengthen our structures, from the Supreme Court to other archival tribunals, and to eradicate system corruption. ”

“For the judiciary, under our watch, I can assure you that, by the grace of God, the future looks bright. ”

“By the grace of Almighty God, I will remain stubborn until the last moment of my last breath on earth. ”

“Let me make sure that this assembly we do not look at anyone or anyone’s feelings before making our decisions. If there is one deity to be feared, this deity is the almighty God. We will never be enslaved to anyone, regardless of their position, “said Judge Muhammad.

He also urged lawyers to follow the regular procedures, claiming that the Supreme Court would not spare the “blatant perpetrators of the abusers of the judicial proceedings”.


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