Helicopter Shuttle Introduced In Lagos As Third Mainland Bridge Is Closed For Repairs, To Cost N240,000


Tropical Arctic Logistics Limited has introduced a Helicopter Shuttle services to reduce the effect of the 3rd Mainland Bridge closure.

The Bridge which connects the Mainland to the Lagos Island is being used by thousands of road commuters in Lagos State, the Bridge that has been closed for repairs will definitely cause an increase in the road traffic along alternate routes.

Although the Lagos State government, in an effort to curtail the road traffic have considered the water ways to transport residents from one place to another for a fair amount, the Tropical Arctic Logistics Limited have also introduced a Helicopter Shuttle services to convey residents from one point to another within the state.

From reports gathered, the Helicopter services would cost as much as N240,000 per trip, for a trip from Murtala Muhammed Airport to The Victoria Island and Vice versa.

The transport fare was also reported to be the amount each passenger is to pay, though the number of passengers each Helicopter can carry was not reported.

In reaction to this development, Lagosians who commute the Third Mainland Bridge have taken their decision on what transport system to follow, while some would rather drive through the heavy traffic, many Lagosians also prefers the water ways.

Very few people are considering the one way flight trip of about N240,000, amongst those considering the flight trip are the residents of the Lagos Island who do not often commute the bridge, except on occasions where they have a flight to catch at the Airport.


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