If You Want Real Political Power, Engage In Politics More Than Social Media; Former Minister Of Youth And Sport, Bolaji Abdullahi Tells Nigerian Youth


Nigeria former Minister of Youth and Sport development, Bolaji Abdullahi, has said the Nigerian youth need to take part in politics in order to effect real change in the country.

Before this time, there have been numerous calls for better youth involvement in politics across the country.

Mr Abdullahi while speaking at the International Youth Day programme put in place by The Avalon daily, a digital news platform, on Wednesday, said the youth must look above social media to effect change.

He also remarked that engaging in politics on social media will not bring the needed metamorphosis. Abdullahi, however called on the youth to  enlist for political parties of their choice and start the change from within.

The former Minister said the illusion of participation where young people only engage on social media without practical effort has brought about what can be described as action paralysis, as “oftentime where action is demanded, Nigerian youths are contented with social media engagement solely”.

“If the youths are to lead Nigeria’s quest for prosperity and transformation, it will be because of this unique power that has been wielded through the use of social media, and if they are going to fail on this mission, it will be because of the misuse of this same power,” he said.

“If Nigerian youths want real political power, it cannot be done through social media engagement alone. They must get into the political space.

“The national transformation that we all seek can only happen through the transformation of individuals. It is only by the transformation of individuals that we can hope to restore politics back to its original purpose, which is to promote the dignity of humanity and justice.”


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