I’m A Product Of Godfatherism, It Is Progressive – Desmond Elliot Attack Obaseki


Desmond Elliot, a Nollywood actor cum politician, has tackled Godwin Obaseki, the incumbent governor of Edo state, saying that he shouldn’t criticize godfatherism as he wouldn’t be in the position he is without it.

The thespian, who contested and won the Surulere constituency in 2015, was talking  about his penetration into country’s political stage at a recent interview before the Edo election.

He reproached Obaseki for adopting “Edo no be Lagos” as his re-election warble. Elliot also depicted his own political career as being a product of godfatherism.

“A godfather always tries to look after the interest of his people. I’m a product of godfatherism but Tinubu has never for one day asked me to do something you know would be detrimental,” he said.

“It’s progressive. So, let him (Obaseki) not castigate the whole thing. If not for godfatherism, would he be where he is today? My point isn’t even about him; it’s that I want to talk about my candidate.”

Governor Obaseki had started to promote the motto “Edo no be Lagos” after he left the All Progressives Congress (APC) to seek re-election under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Before Obaseki dumped APC,  he met Bola Tinubu for endorsement as a candidate ahead of Edo governorship election but the APC national leader had referred him to the direct primaries approved by the party.

After the governor undergo the direct primaries as approved, he was disqualified by the committee installed by Adams Oshiomhole, his estranged godfather, who is also the former governor of Edo State .

But afterwards his defection to PDP, governor Obaseki’s campaign scheme to induce votes from Edo people had touched on ending godfatherism, which he said is effective in Lagos but won’t be allowed in Edo.

Furthermore, Elliot laughed off the context of Obaseki’s motto that Edo won’t be like Lagos, claiming the governor shielded the state from achieving the economic prosperity that Lagos has recorded.

“But when you say ‘can not be’, you’re already putting a cover. And I’m a spiritual person. You cannot say such things. We have pastors and Imams that will break the yoke,” the actor added.

“You can’t say it won’t be when Lagos makes an IGR of over 30 billion every month. You can’t hear about unpaid salaries or pension. You see projects coming up, investors, and investment coming.

“We are the fifth-largest economy in Africa. So why will you say Edo can’t be Lagos because you are trying to sell an idea? Let me tell you something, loyalty is important.”


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