I’m currently living like a kidnapped victim within villa”
Ashia Buhari

Ashia Buhari

Breaking news:
Ashia Buhari Nigeria first lady to be living like a kidnapped victim
as she is not allowed out of Aso rock by the cabal, and she can’t even see Buhari
our source within the seat of power told nig24news Mrs Buhari is in fear for her life as she told a close friend if I die just know they did it Nigeria’s First Lady,

Aisha Buhari, has continued to stay away from public appearances and perhaps outing since the came back from her 6 months Dubai trip her last major public appearance was when she Lunched her book 📖 since then she has completely vanished from the public eyes
Mrs. Buhari said not be talking term with the president and many top officials at the Villa

The first lady said to be feeling the pain and the hanger of Nigeria about her husband government and the state of insecurity in Nigeria, according to our source the first lady is on side of Nigerians and she wish she can do something but unfortunately she’s helpless and she need help herself according to our inside source


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