It Was Jonathan That Took This Loan You’re Talking About; Amaechi Replies PDP Headman


    Nigeria’s minister of transportation, Rotimi Ameachi says former President Goodluck Jonathan also obtained loan from China.

    In recent time,  a house of representatives panel showed worries about a clause  relinquishing Nigeria’s sovereignty to China in a loan agreement.

    The clause, which is depicted as “lethal” by the panel, is in article 8(1) of the commercial loan agreement between Nigeria and Export-Import Bank of China.

    Giving his comment on the loan, Katch Ononuju, a bigwig of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), while appearing on one of AIT programme as a guest on July 30, alleged the transportation Minister  of performance fraud under the facade of securing funds for railway projects and advised him to resign from his position.

    However, Amaechi,  in an interview with Channels TV on Tuesday, said the demand for his resignation was unnecessary as the loan spoken of by the PDP chieftain was actually obtained during President Jonathan’s tenure.

    The minister also illuminated that the immunity mentioned in the loan agreement does not relate to the country’s sovereignty as a nation but to Nigeria’s immunity from arbitration.

    “There’s a gentleman who went to AIT, and said ‘oh I should resign’ and I wonder which university he graduated from, certainly not University of Port Harcourt,” Amaechi said.

    “He said I should resign. Resign from what? Are you saying those projects weren’t executed? Is there no Kaduna-Abuja railway?

    “By the way, he said he is PDP; that loan was taken under President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

    “The loan he’s talking about — the Kaduna-Abuja railway — was signed by the President Goodluck Jonathan government.

    “Don’t forget that we told the whole world when commissioning that project, that 80 percent of that project was executed by President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

    “The loan was taken by President Goodluck Jonathan’s government, and for that reason we had to name the train station and infrastructure in Agbor after President Goodluck Jonathan’s government for that laudable achievement.”


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