It’s The Strength Of Your Ideas That Will Retire Those Ahead Of You, Not Your Age — VP Osinbajo To Youths


    Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says Nigerian youths will have a better chance of making a significant impact in politics through productive ideas, in place of relying on their age.

    He spoke on Monday in Abuja during the conference organised by the youth wing of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    Osinbajo pronounced that big ideas, great solutions and creative plans must spring up from the youths.

    “It is the strength of your ideas and the depth of organisation that will retire those ahead of you, not your age,” he said.

    “You are in your prime, at your most creative and most prolific stage. You also have the largest numbers.

    “Clearly, you underestimate your role and abilities if you do not see your role as taking over the ideological and intellectual direction of the party. The big ideas, the great solutions, the creative plans must come from you. And this is your moment.”

    The Vice-President also said even though ideas and numbers are imperative, politics is about service to the people.

    “Movements of every kind are activated around ideas and numbers. The larger the number of those persuaded by an idea, the stronger the movement,” he said.

    “So, being involved and getting others involved is crucial. The task then is to aggregate the majority of the party around your preferred point of view.

    “That has to be done by standing firm on sound principles, but also being ready to give and take on methodology for achieving shared objectives and common causes.

    “We have a duty to raise the bar of political discourse and focus the minds of the public on the issues that matter most to the majority.”


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