Jamie Foxx’s firm Soul Wins Oscar for the Best film


Jamie Foxx Pixar Studio film won the Oscar for Best Animated Film at Sunday night’s award ceremony, beating out fellow nominees

Jami Foxx was hosted by Tyrese Gibson at his Atlanta home where some of Jamie Foxx friends joined him in Anticipation for the announcement of the nominees, Tyrese Gibson who was very excited and he was still having a great time in there onto the announcement came through could you send the whole room into laughter and joy

then went and take his old I am Oscar trophy and handle way to the gym for us could you afford decided to also hold as he accepts the award

“This film started as a love letter to jazz, but we had no idea how much jazz would teach us about life,” director Pete Docter said. “We don’t get to control what happens, but we can, like a jazz musician, turn whatever happens into something of value and something of beauty.”

Docter also gave a shout-out to the cast, including Foxx and Tina Fey, calling them “amazing.”

“Our main character Joe is a music teacher, so we’d like to thank music teachers and art teachers everywhere,” he concluded. “You make the world a better place. My wish tonight is that we can follow the example of jazz musicians: that wherever we are, whatever we have, we turn it into something beautiful.”

The movie follows Joe Gardner voiced by Foxx, a middle school band teacher who discovered himself in a deep different lactation after a freak accident causes him to revert back to his soul state.

Foxx, 53, who has already won NAACP Image Award for his voice performance as Joe in the outstanding character voice-over performance category in may last year

Foxx spoke candidly in December last year about Soul and why it was “amazing” to be a part of the film when he appeared on an Australian talk show

Asked what he thought about taking part in the first Pixar movie with a Black lead character, Foxx said, “I don’t think that it’s just good enough just to be first African-American, we had to turn it into something fantastic and I believe that we did it.”

“I’m so happy to be a part of it,” he added.

Foxx also touched on how the timing of the film’s release in December was “beautiful” given the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We’ve gone through so many challenges, and we give so much to the culture, so much to society, so when we are going through these terrible things, it is beautiful to have a light,” he said of the film. “It’s beautiful to have something that we can watch and escape and be entertained [by] and get some smiles going.”

The movie also stars Daveed Diggs, Rachel House, Richard Ayoade, Alice Braga, Graham Norton,


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