Katsina Killing: The Day Residence Will Take Law Into Their Hands – By Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu


The sky in Katsina is densly cloudy, not for possible rainfall but for constant human massacre occasioned by bandits activities across communities. The heavy downpour of bloodbath is endlessly flooding away communities coercively, while residence live in a state of perpetual fear. The ongoing incessant bloodbath in Katsina is barbaric as it is logically insane; it is as well evil and cruel. There are no justifications that can come with reasons to kill a soul, yet in Katsina are the devil’s siren of bandits invaders. Katsinawa were born and breed to love, not to become monsters of their own making. Even in their grief residence of Katsina wish for peace, to reach out and heal with the bandits, to find the ways that peace can be restored and tranquility uphold.

Even when constituted authorities boastfully throw caution to the wind over bandits activities in Katsina, government across Federal and State levels are becoming increasingly incapable of battening down the hatches to ride out the storm of bandits invaders in Katsina state. Though government by constitutional provisions enjoy a handful of monopoly over legitimate possession and used of instrument of coercion to enforce law and compel obedience, Nigeria military apparatus and law enforcement agencies, are however occasionally becoming powerless to safeguard lives and properties under their watches. Hence the need for Katsina residence to seek solace by resorting to self defense strategy.

Strong ties and acquaintance with Katsinawa by the virtue of birth, remind me of the famous eulogy traditionally poured on Katsinawa in recognition of their courage and bravery. “Katsina ta Dikko dakin Kara. Kunya gareku, tsoro babu” (Katsina town of Dikko home of hospitality. People with bashfulness but extremely fearless) so goes the popular encomium of Katsinawa. The praising of Katsinawa in this manner has from time immemorial been in existence, owing largely to their excellent mastering of warfare tatics in defence of their territories with the last drop of their blood. Katsinawa are by history well known for using stealth tactics and crude ancient weapons to resist invaders into their land.

There is no society that exist on earth, not even those animals in the jungle we have labelled cowards, which will not show courage when required to defend themselves. The bloods of Katsina residence is boiling in righteous anger, though they live in horrific fear of bandits attacks.

Fear is part of being human, it’s the precursor to bravery. Katsinawa need fear, it will wake Katsinawa up to what needs to be done to overcome babditry. For when the people fear the bandits there is tyranny. When the bandits fears the people there is liberty. If only perpetrators of banditry are rationally thoughtful, this Katsina of fear and coercion can be swapped for one of love and cooperation. A Katsina that brings us all health and happiness in all our different and wonderful cultures.

Sooner or later, there shall come a time when Katsinawas will suppress their fears and opt for a brutal encounter with bandits in the hostile jungle terrain. Though Katsina residences lack equal force to match the sophisticated artilleries at bandits possessions, they will resist bandits aggression and let the ashes of death rain all over bandits territories. One thing is certain, it is called Victory.

As its stands today, Katsina residence desires nothing more than a home where lives and properties will be fully safeguarded. No worries other than that of Katsinawa sourcing for a means of livelihood, no rules other than the ones Katsinawa are govern with, no pain other than the grief Katsinawa place upon their own shoulders. Fears of bandits waiting to be faced, communities waiting to be restored, lands waiting to be protected, cities waiting to be admired, wilderness waiting to be explored. Pleasure in danger, pain in stillness. A peaceful Katsina state never to be silenced.

Perhaps until Katsina residences resort to self defense, only then can they be forever emancipated from the shackles of bindits incessant killings, assault and hostage taking. Restoring peace in Katsina state through self defense will not be for the benefit of individual alone. It will be a fight for the collective joy of the entire communities and beyond. Only then will the residences of Katsina live to tell the tale of banditry to coming generations someday.

Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu

Political and Human Right Activist



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