Labor lists issues that the new energy minister must meet to succeed.


Organized work in the country’s energy industry, wrote to the new Minister of Energy, engineer Saleh Mamman, to welcome him into the sector and set a program for generating, transporting and distributing electricity.

NLC members in front of the Minister of Labor’s home during the protest against the minister’s refusal to inaugurate the NISTF board in Abuja yesterday.

In a letter dated 22 August 2019 from NUEE, the National Union of Electrical Employees, the Labor Party also explained to the new minister why the electricity supply remained irregular in the country.

NUEE in the letter from his secretary general, Joe Ajaero, while congratulating Mamman on his appointment to the ministry, urges him to do a good job.

According to NUEE, “As you are assigned to this ministry, we urge you to consult with all stakeholders and to investigate the ills of the sector to enable you to operate from a position of knowledge. .

In addition, you should be wary of bureaucrats who fail to advise ministers. “Mr. Minister, please note that this area is full of hawks and vultures whose interest is to know how to siphon the few resources it contains.

It is composed of powerful individuals who have diverted the energy sector without any contribution to its development. As part of your hypothesis, please try to answer these questions: Nigerians would like to know if privatization is the policy of the APC government.

“Nigerians want to know if the PCA maintains the privatization policy of the PDP or if its policy is different. Nigerians want to know who bought the electricity sector, their expertise and what they have brought to the sector in the last six (6) years.”

Nigeria wants to know why the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has reduced itself to a tariff commission whose duty is to inflict more trouble on

“Nigerians in terms of incessant rising tariffs, even in the face of the current economic downturn. Nigerians want to know if the government has sold both essential and non-essential assets at the cost of the latter.”

” Nigerians want to know the dividend of the 40% government stake in privatized companies over the past six (6) years and the despicable role played by BPE in the overall drama.”

“As you take up your duties today, we want you to develop policy documents for this government regarding the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as the ownership structure.”

” The world wants to know why the privatization of the electricity sector suddenly results in a public disaster and private gain. We welcome you to the sector; The more you look, the less you see”.


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