LOCKDOWN: Osun state Release 6000 dogs, they killed it and ask Government To Release more.


Many osun residents have taken to social media to condemn the actions saying it is animal abuse. However, most of the residents said they had no choice because they can’t starve to death besides, they don’t have enough food to feed themselves and the dog. They regrets to have killed the dogs which they said was their good friend and pet.

“Dog meat is a popular delicacy in the Eastern part of Nigeria through the western and northern parts of the country forbid it totally, however, isolation and lockdown may force people to eat what they forbid”, a resident said.

The lockdown imposed on many countries including Nigeria and South Africa by their government is making people uneasy.

A lady identified as a Calabar origin and resides in osun state who killed and ate her dog of 4 years has blamed everything on lockdown. “I had to survive the tensed situation I found myself due to the lockdown”, she Alleged. Though she regrets killing her pet animal for food, the way she killed and roasted the animal showed that she is very familiar with roasting meat.

Isn’t this an animal abuse as they said?. Share your thoughts below


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