Man Allegedly Raped A Girl On Sallah Day


A man known as Waheed Ogundele has been alleged of raping a lady (name undisclosed) in Ologuneru area of Oyo State.

The accused was said to have defiled the lady on the night of Sallah while she went to give food to her neighbours.

Accordng to Sahara Reporters, a family member of the victim, who identified himself as Mahmud, that the rapist ran away while neighbours were trying to take him to a police station.

Mahmud said, “We were going to pray in a mosque when her mother sent her to go and give food to somebody.

“She did not come back on time and we had to go and check to know why she is being delayed.

“We saw her coming on the road shedding tears with blood on her body.

“We asked what happened and she said Ogundele raped her.

“We tried to hold him down but his friends intervened and helped him escape.”

Mahmud disclosed that the case had been reported at the Eleyele Police Command, and that they were trying to appease to the family of the lady not to amplify the matter.

Critizing the volume of rape in the country, a legal practitioner, Alexander Atuchukwu, implored parents to educate and deter their male children from raping.

Atachukwu mentioned that rape was the only criminal case in law that does not have a defense.

He said, “As a lawyer, we have found out that most rapists and their apologist and sympathisers had a rough sad traumatic childhood; cases of father beating mother and others.

“Rape is the only criminal case that doesn’t have a defense in law, as bad as murder is, murder has a defense in law but rape doesn’t.

“The moment you decide to rape a woman, that is the day you decide to damage her life for ever, just like how u have her physical health and mental health. Let us all take note and be guided.”


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