Man Hits His Wife With An Iron In Her Head


We all may have heard about the saying ‘for better for worse’, well, what does the ‘worse’ really mean? Does it define the moments of absolute family struggles or the period of family brawls?

Though issues of domestic violence can go both ways of husband assaulting the wife and vice versa. Over time, we have heard about several issues of Nigerians being violated in their marriages, several issues of marital violences have been reported online, yet, it keeps getting worse.

In the Video below, a Nigerian lady was seen being supposedly punished by her husband, the video depicts the angry husband with a pressing iron in his hand.

Watch video:

The husband while reacting aggressively, hit the iron in the head of his wife over an unknown issue, though there were no physical sign of any cut, the wife had to run for her dear life into the room which the husband followed.

The video was recorded by a third person in the room who couldn’t do much to interfere but recorded the act.

The video has been circulating online with many Nigerians calling for the arrest of the involved husband over domestic violence and a slightly higher charge for reasons being that the husband could have used a much more harmful weapon if he had any on sight.

Some Nigerians have shown concern by asking the lady involved to quit the marriage as it’s probably the safest option for her.


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