MASSOB had existed for 18 years without violence



MASSOB had existed for 18 years without violence, but in 2009, I went to London and opened Radio Biafra and handed it over to Nnamdi Kanu as the director.

Soon afterwards, politicians hijacked him, and he started working for them.

The radio that was meant to educate our people and advise our people was turned into the source of hate messages, blackmail, intimidation and others.

The resultant effect was that the northern youths came up to challenge us, to say that they are not happy with the hate messages and the insults they receive from the same radio.

I am here today to say that the main purpose of floating the organisation called MASSOB was not to cause a crisis in Nigeria.

I assured the late Odumegu Ojukwu when he was alive that there would be no other civil war in Nigeria. But what Nnamdi Kanu is doing now is the reverse of what I promised Ojukwu he has created enemies for ndUwazurike


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