“Mr Governor” – Sanwo-Olu is attacked as he abandons the title “His Excellency”


Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Governor of Lagos State, was attacked after the recent announcement of the loss of the title “His Excellency”.

Sanwo-Olu, announced Wednesday that it should no longer be called “His Excellency”.

In a statement that the Governor personally signed, he noted that only God should bear such titles.

He said that as a governor, he was only an agent appointed by the people and should therefore be called “Mr. Governor.”

Some Lagosians and Nigerians on social media did not benefit because they urged the governor to focus on repairing roads in the state.

Some Nigerians have viewed their Twitter pages lamenting the state of Lagos.

Here are some comments collected on Twitter:

@Badmanisdimka “Babajide Sanwo-Olu giving up the title” Your Excellency “is Nice. So, Mr. Governor, can we move to the part where all the roads are rebuilt, please, Mr. Lagosians, really suffer that going out to make ends meet is not easy at all. Thank you in advance, sir.

@Sheddi_young “If the governor of na Bros
or uncle governor or governor.Na work we want to see!

@Oluwabukunmi_ “While Seyi Makinde repairs roads, prints free copies of previous questions for schools and just works, your Pontius Pilate in Lagos is worried about being called His Excellency or the Governor. Tragic.”

@drainzdrip “Lagosian never complained about your stupid title Sanwo-Olu. Whether you call yourself “Excellency” or Mr. Governor or Mr. Go-slow, even Mr. Pot-Hole..Mr. Man, we just want good governance. You become the most useless governor in Lagos history. ”

@ Nedusam01 “A nice sir governor. But we must feel the gradual impact. It takes more work, sir.

@B_Soye “Really ?? Babajide. Headlines should not be the main problem here, it is the state governance that has been neglected.

“Can anyone serve this type a matter of” neglect in homework “Worry about the name call.”

@Waleonlinee “Start with good governance, and then we’ll look at your title problem. Your Excellency, Governor!

@Dominic_Ebi “If you want to be called Queen Elizabeth no wahala as long as you start working. Lagos is a mess and all we have seen is nothing. The presidents of your local government are all sleeping and you are not doing anything about them. Get to work, man.

@Dedonnse “The only change of title will not be enough. We once had the governors “Servant in Chief” and “Ogbeni”, they all failed spectacularly. That said, could you start working already?

@BuchyOgba “Good for you, sir. Performance is the main problem, not the titles. “


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