Muazu Magaji,The Sacked Kano Commissioner Has Apologised Over His Comment About The Late Abba Kyari; Says ‘I was Misunderstood’


Muazu Magaji, the past immediate commissioner of works and infrastructure in Kano state, has apologised over his comments about the late Abba Kyari.

Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of the state, sacked Magaji immediately on Saturday following his “unguarded utterances” over the death of Kyari, the late chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari.

But in a statement on his Facebook page on Sunday, Mr Magaji said he was misunderstood and was not his intent  to celebrate the death of the late chief of staff.

“As a Muslim and a patriotic Nigerian, I was only misunderstood by people to think that I celebrated Kyari’s death, the truth is I did not,” Magaji said.

“The use of “win-win phrase” is basically an attempt to explain the Islamic Promise on the people that died as a result of any kind of pandemic.

“The late Mallam Abba Kyari was privileged to die as a result of COVID-19, making him among the beneficiaries in Islam. He is conferred with the automatic privilege of martyrdom.

“I could not have celebrated the death of any human being; because it’s against my culture, social civilization and most importantly, the teaching of my religion.

“I sincerely apologise for any misunderstood action, reaction and inactions, we are all in a difficult time that anxiety, worries and depression make understanding difficult.

“I am so sorry for any pain I may have caused both the families of the late chief of staff and my boss His Excellency Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.”


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