My 40 days coronavirus fight has humbled me to see what’s important in life Atiku Son

Mohammadu Atiku

“I, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, wish to inform Nigerians that I have finally been cleared and discharged after 40 days of coronavirus (Covid19) treatment,” he said.

“My discharge could not have come at a better time than in the Ramadan, a season marked by sacrifice and supplication to the Almighty Allah.

“I thank the Almighty Allah for my recovery from the dreaded infection and also wish to express my sincerest and deepest appreciation to Nigerians for their prayers and goodwill while I was being treated.

“In the course of life, we have no idea of what will happen to us because only the Almighty God knows our future. When the coronavirus first broke out in faraway China, I had no idea that I might be one of those to be infected. This is one of the everlasting lessons I can’t forget for the rest of my life. Indeed, I have been humbled by this experience.”

The former Vice President son praise the ministry of health and all the frontline health staff’s for their unbelievable sacrifices and professionalism during this period.

Mohammed confirmed the coronavirus exposed the weakness in “our health sector” and brought the poor and the powerful to a common level and going forward healthcare sector should be given more priority


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