No opposition party is more useless than PDP~Inibehe Effiong


A so-called opposition party that keeps outsourcing its role to activists shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Inibehe Effiong, Lawyer, human rights activist

When the contentious CAMA was passed, where were PDP lawmakers? NASS is planning to pass anti-social media bill, what are opposition caucuses in both Houses doing to stop it?

President Buhari has been borrowing money recklessly, what has members of the opposition done about it? A serious opposition can truncate government policies in parliament, even though it is in the minority. There are ways of doing this, including filibustering, walk out, etc.

No opposition party is more useless than PDP. Actually, PDP is not an opposition party. It is just a group of people who are waiting for another opportunity to resume looting at the federal level. You accuse Ganduje of playing politics of religion, how about the Zamfara governor?

A party that lost a national election should have made spirited efforts to win the sympathy of the people. But their members and supporters are busy insulting people for voting Buhari instead of their candidates which they consider to be lesser evils. Is that how to win election?

Since 2015, what has the PDP as a political party done differently from the APC in States under their control? Which PDP governor has complied with FOI requests? Which PDP controlled State has organized credible local government elections? What are they doing differently?

The corruption of the APC does not justify the rotteness of the PDP. Both parties are one and the same. The way they decamp so easily and exchange candidates buttresses this fact. They don’t hate the stealing in Aso Rock, they hate the fact that they’re not the ones stealing.


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