Obasanjo reveals three things to make Nigeria great again.


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has identified prayer, praise and faith in God as the three tools to make Nigeria great again.

He said the country needed these three spiritual tools to tackle the countless socio-economic and political challenges of the country.

The former military and democratic leader declared this in 2019 at the National Altar of Praise and Prayer for the Nation, entitled: “As in the days of Jehoshaphat,” taken from II Chronicles 20:22, held in the Molete Baptist Church, Ibadan.

The event was organized by the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria (GOMAN) under the direction of the evangelist Funmi Aragbaye.

Obasanjo, who was formerly Senior Special Assistant for Public Affairs by former President Goodluck Jonathan; Doyin Okupe, who was represented, said praising God, praying to God, and believing in God are the three factors that could make God heal Nigeria, remix it, and improve the nation’s nation.

According to him, “I identify with the theme of this event, which is” as in the days of Jehoshaphat “from II Chronicles 20:22, which is all about praise, prayer and faith in God, with praise, prayer and faith becoming God surely to heal our country, remix it and bring prosperity to that nation. ”

Obasanjo said that God, who was so gracious to Nigeria and the Nigerians, demanded and desired from the people only exhortation, I believe in the sovereignty of God and helplessness or the lack of human ability to gratify the extent of His grace and mercy over us, we are not even aware of anything that God brings to us 90 per cent, but the only thing we can give him back is praise.

That’s all he wants and desires from us, “he said, pointing out that if praise, prayer and faith are to be accepted before God, one should not be lethargic.


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