Pastor Pictured Grabbing A Lady’s Private Part Openly(Picture)


The picture of a so called ‘man of God’ touching his congregation member in a very compromising manner, has gone viral on social media.

The so called ‘man of God’ was pictured grabbing the exact private part of a member whose capture disposal was granted permission.

Notwithstanding, the names of neither the lady nor the pastor was disclosed, the plot of dramatic goes ahead to reprimand pastors in the habit of taking advantage of their congregation members.

There is no doubt that times are difficult and usually the answers to the problems that trouble man are beyond man’s ability and need spiritual interpretation from another realm, and the alter of ‘God’ becomes a major assistance.

The question that needed answers to is, ‘have the men of God become too demeaned and impudent as to be committing all the horrid act of injustice usually associated with them, or are these the scorelines of an too fervent generation church General overseers?

All of these call for caution, no doubt about that.

What’s your thought on this lackadaisical attitude of the so called ‘men of God’?. Share your thoughts below


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