SARS Officers Arrested in Benin, Edo State For Robbery[Photo]. –Nig24News


Two Nigerians were robbed by special Anti Robbers Squad (SARS) in Edo state police command along Lagos Benin express way.

According to reports on the robbery, one ‘Harrison Gwamnishu’ a popular human right activist in the state reported that he was able to intervene and recover the money of a business man from Edo state SARS.

The human rights activist Harrison Gwamnishu, revealed in his statement that the money stolen by some members of the Edo state special Anti Robbers Squad (SARS) have been refunded to the respective Victims after several investigation carried out on the suspects and with the support of Higher authorities and Officer in Charge of Edo state special Anti Robbers Squad (SARS).

Furthermore, he revealed in a statement that, notwithstanding been caught in the act of crime the Edo state special Anti Robbers Squad involved are still in the street of Benin looking for who to devour.

Mr Harrison Gwamnishu added that something needed to be done about the activities of the special Anti Robbers Squad (SARS) as they are meant to protect the citizens and not extort them.

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