Seadogs deplores poor services from airlines in Nigeria.


The National Association of Seafarers (NAS), Ikeja Branch, lamented poor airline service in the country and urged air traffic regulators to review their excesses.

The association, also known as the Pyrates Confraternity, stated that some of the multiple flight diversions due to bad weather and airfield closure during sunset are due to inadequate or malfunctioning ground navigation equipment, such as ground-to-air radar, instrument landing system, and FM radio.

A statement signed by Mr Iheanyi Konkwo on Sunday reaffirmed the increasing number of cancellations or delays without compensation to passengers and found that recent cases, including at Kano, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Owerri, Benin, Asaba, Ilorin and Enugu have occurred. were worrisome.

The organization therefore urged regulators, namely the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority and the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, to enforce the sanctions against faulty airlines in order to improve the sanity of the sector.

“Flight delays have become regular reports at local airports across the country, without explaining to passengers that they may have suffered financial losses or emotional distress.

“The country’s leading local operator (name not known) has become the main culprit as it drastically delays or reverses timetables, and the truth is, if airlines have to compensate passengers for flight delays or cancellations, they’ll get up.”

Within a week, passengers have At Kano, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Owerri, Benin, Asaba, Akure, Ilorin and Enugu airports, they either experienced an immediate flight cancellation or delayed flight schedules of more than four hours, which is quite daunting. ”

” At the moment most passengers are of the opinion Those who are to blame, regulators need to wake up, and today’s problem will continue to expand if it is not addressed. ”

The association also called on regulators to monitor the functionality of the equipment at the airports, especially during night flights. Supervisors were also mandated to ensure the functioning of the basic airport infrastructure.
“The Nigerian aviation industry is 40 years behind compared to other countries. Passengers blame airlines for disruption, but regulators blame too. However, the group called on supervisors to be aware of their responsibilities in this regard.”

“Only four airports in Nigeria have a partially functioning basic navigation system. These are Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano. The remaining airports are Visual Flight Rules airports, and because of this you can not land at sunset in Owerri, Benin, Asaba, Akure, Ilorin, Enugu, Warri and the other airlines and regulators to their approach to improving services to change.“


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