Sowore: The DSS gives a real reason why he arrested an activist again


The State Department (DSS) said it again arrested RevolutionNow leader Omoyele Sowore because he had gone against the law.

DSS spokesman Peter Afunanya made the announcement Saturday in a statement.

According to him, Sowore had shortly after being released, addressed a group of people, reassuring them of his persistent intention to create anarchy in the country.

The statement reads in part: “She has therefore become indisputable and raises a moral question as to who, between Sowore and the Service, does not like or disobeys the courts. In this regard, public attention may be drawn to Sowore’s statement of 25 July 2019: “I am not talking about protest. I’m going into the revolution … Do not talk to me about legal implications or what a judge will say. I do not care.

“On December 5, when Sowore was released, he had, at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja addressed a group of people who he reassured about his cause of creating anarchy in the country.

“It is recalled that the Service had, on December 3, 2019, sounded the alarm about a plot to destabilize the country. It is quite remarkable that the plot has already begun to play. To ensure that this goal is still achieved, some individuals and groups rush to seize the opportunity of the misleading court incident and the bad speech against the DSS to organize an insurgency in the country. They continued to mislead and mobilize the feelings and attention of the international community, clearly distorting the facts, to their selfish ends.

“To emphasize, it should be noted that Sowore risks being judged not as an activist, journalist or politician, but for his use of violence, forced government takeover and alleged transnational illegal activities. It is very unfortunate that Sowore, shortly after being released on a court order, resorted to unethical acts. For this purpose, only Sowore was arrested again because his co-defendant, Olawale Bakare, was not arrested even though Falana had promised to deliver him to the Service that he is not currently interested in.

“Although sections of the population have been fed with misleading stories about these developments, Nigerians and the international community should not be gullible or even vulnerable to the machinations of groups eager to mislead them.

“The Service is committed to fulfilling its mandate of detecting and preventing threats to Nigeria’s internal security. It supports democracy in the country and will do anything legal to protect it. It will also ensure that the efforts of the anti-democratic forces will be thwarted. ”

Recall that last Friday, DSS agents allegedly chased lawyers from the courtroom and attacked journalists, after which they again arrested Sowore.


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