TERRORISM: The Kaduna Bomb Terrorist disclosed His Fake Identity And Why He Planted The Bomb.



Yesterday being Sunday and the thanks giving of living faith church Kaduna, a suicide bomber was apprehended in the church premises, in a vehicle outside the church and inside the toilet where CCTV footage of him was seen setting his explosives to wait until the right time to bomb the church but fortunately was caught by the church security operatives and then handed over to the Nigerian police force after all bombs were deactivated.

However, hew confessed to be Nathaniel Samuel, the name of a Christian to save himself from facing the law and eventually being forgiven.

After he was tortured severely by the Nigeria police force in custody confessed his real name is Mohammed Nasiru Sank and he said the reason for the bomb was because Kaduna is an Islamic state and Christians have not right to own a church or worship there.

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