The Child Protection In Nigeria


Nigeria is known as one of the countries with very negligible child protection laws, where several countries have protected the rights and responsibilities of their children, the Nigerian goverment has only attached little importance on the child protection in the country.

In Nigeria, children are seen as vulnerable citizens, however, they undergo series of activities which the child protection should go against.

In many parts of Nigeria, many parents and guardians have taken advantage of their little ones to make daily sales for the family, or even worse, leave them to fend for themselves, Consequently, children are left to grow with only their survival instincts, disregarding the respect of law, love and empathy.

Many decisions of Nigerian parents to send their children away from home to make sales has pushed the children into learning in the society in the wrong way, however, Many Nigerians find nothing wrong with why a child should go out to make sales either through hawking or other means possible for the family’s survival.

Cases has been recorded in some parts of the country were children were involved in illegal activities, activities such as smoking, drinking, and engaging in other immoral act.

In Northern Nigeria, many find it amazing to give birth and not take care of their children, however, the consequence of their actions begins when that child starts behaving violently at home.

Many Nigerians have also reacted saying that the federal government should ensure a means of curtailing the number of children that can be born into a family. Suggestions as this would reduce drastically the countries population and would also cut down the growing rate of insecurity as vulnerable children will no longer grow on the path of violence.

Due to the Coronavirus, Nigeria has now taken a step that ought to have been taken for long, out of school children, more commonly known as Almajiri were returned to their homes in their respective states. This decision would go a long way as more than half of the out of school children would make their way back to their family wether the family likes it or not.

Speaking with some of the Northern Almajiris, they noted that they would rather not go home for food, probably because there isn’t much to go round the family, as such they are left to fend for themselves.

While speaking with some Almajiris, they related that they do not even know their ages, this children are traumatized by the decisions of their parents to bring them into this world to suffer.

Though the Goverment was said to have set up agencies such as the the NAPTIP and the Anti-human traffic unit of the Nigerian Police, the agencies have failed to meet up with some of their duties to protecting children.

Nigerians are hoping for a better approach that can take Nigerian children off the street.


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