Third Mainland Bridge To Be Reopened On The 15th Of February – Minister Of Works


Nigeria’s minister of works and housing, Babatunde Fashola says the federal government is devoted to the rapid completion of repair work of the Third Mainland Bridge and reopening of the bridge on February 15.

The minister carried out an inspection of the current construction work as well as the planned diversion shifts on the bridge which will take effect from Friday, January 15 to February 13 on Thursday.

He also expressed hope that the bridge would be reopened on February 15 to allow the government to commence work on the Falomo Bridge.

Fashola clarified that the work on the Falomo Bridge was being delayed to prevent the traffic jam that may come up.

“On the Third Mainland Bridge most of our work is almost done, we lost two weeks during the civil protest and our completion date earlier was towards the end of January, that has slipped,” NAN quoted him to have said.

“We are hoping that by 15th of February we should be done and the bridge should be opened to the public.

“That is one of the reasons why I also came to see how far and when this bridge will be opened to the public because this is delaying our work on Falomo Bridge.

“We have done some work on Falomo Bridge, we are going to have to close Falomo Bridge as soon as this is done so that we can also replace the expansion joints there.

“All the other preliminary work has been done there, but we left it in order to reduce the inconvenience to commuters in and around Lagos.

“So, the Eko Bridge that was closed is opened now, this one (Third Mainland Bridge) is going to be opened by February 15.”


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