This Govt Is Working To Secure Nigeria Under Two Months — Lawan Says Following His Meeting With Buhari


Senate President, Ahmad Lawan says the federal government is working towards fixing security inside the next two months.

Talking on Monday after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, Lawan said he is confident that the government is headed in the right direction in its efforts to tackle insecurity.

The senate president also said that the government needs to protect all areas, be it rural or urban, to make sure that all Nigerians can feel safe.

“There is nothing more important today or more topical than the security of Nigeria. We had a very extensive discussion on the security of all parts of Nigeria, and how we should go about improving the situation. We all have roles to play,” Lawan said.

“Nobody would like to see the kind of thing that we experience in various parts of the country in the form of insecurity. We have responsibilities to our people, and we cannot shy away from that.

“We have to get our people secure. We have to secure the environment for them to earn from their means of livelihood. We would like to see our farmers go back to farms before the rains start to come. We have to secure the rural parts of Nigeria, as well as the urban centres, because we need businesses to flourish.

“So, I believe that between now and probably the next two months, there will be a lot of activities to ensure that we secure the environments for people to live very normal lives. We also believe that the government is headed in the right direction.”


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