Two Nigerians arrested for drugs in Malawi


Report has it that Two Nigerians identified as Ajagu Okwuchuku, 40, and Chinomso Charles, 31, have been arrested in Lilongwe, capital of Malawi on Friday January 24 as they were allegedly caught with some certain grams of cocaine by the Malawian authority.
Okwuchuku and Charles gave reports that they are of Igbo origin from Anambra and Enugu states in Nigeria respectively, and have been in Malawi for a while. the suspects’ arrest were made based on the reports gathered by residents of the neighborhood they lived in.

Salome Zgambo Lingadzi the Police Public Relations Officer revealed the suspects were found to be in possession of eight cracks of drugs suspected to be cocaine and were concealed in black plastic bags.

The police took up the case after reports from the neighbourhood came in that the suspects were suspected drug dealers as reported by the police PRO, saying:
“Police got the information from well-wishers that the suspects were selling illicit drugs. After getting the information, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) team acted swiftly and arrested the culprits.”

The Nigerians are however unsure of their faith as selling illicit drugs is a very serious offence and could be charged for several years in the law court.

The Malawian authority has also been charged with the task of enquiring their dealers and consumers


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