Ukraine – Nigeria: Shevchenko Announces Why his team chooses Super Eagles for a Friendly Game


Ukrainian football manager Andriy Shevchenko explained the reason for his decision in a friendly match against Nigeria, the African country, despite his team preparing for the 2020 European Championship.

Shevchenko said the date of the meeting was not a day of friendly matches, so it was difficult to find a European opponent.

Ukraine, currently one of the top teams in Europe, has scored Lithuania with three goals in its last match and has tightly controlled its bid to qualify for the European Championship.

“First of all, it’s a lot of games, it’s a choice, and most teams are just playing official games,” Shevchenko told Football TV.

“This date is not a day of friendly matches, so it was very difficult to find a European competitor. So the Association chose to play with the African team.’

“It’s a very good team. It will be fun to play against them.” Shevchenko is expected to meet top players in the Dnipro Arena at 2130 local time.


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