We led Black lives matter Protests in my local community of Milton Keynes to demand justice for blacks people in memories of George Floyd


My beautiful community of MiltonKeynes has had it’s fair share of injustice especially When it comes dealing with black people

Our Community staged protests todayIn Solidarity with our Africans American brothers and other black people persecuted around the world.

All we ask as a people is to be seen and be treated equal in eyes of the law and discrimination and prejudice must stop towards us and our children. As an advocate that believes in non violent protest we came out to demand an end to all forms of Racism and any form of Hate, Bigotry and discrimination against us.

Despite the large numbers we conducted ourselves graciously and impeccably and our peaceful protest went seamlessly and without incident. I couldn’t have been More proud of way we presented and conducted ourselves. Our protest was non violent with zero aggression towards the police that was there to ensure the safety of all.

The people that turned up did so to demonstrate against inequality and injustice that has been directed at us for many years.
Many of us present have witnessed or encountered injustice in one form or another , many have been unlawfully arrested and wrongly incarcerated many a time for nothing other than the colour of our skin the same offences that will see a white kid go back home with a slap on the wrist has seen our own kids sentences to long prison terms.

What’s happening in America today is happening here in the UK but in a different format. Today I spoke and addressed the need to stop discrimination in our justice system. I sincerely hope the powers that be will take note and action and change this twisted unfair narrative.

I thank you all that came out today and I also thank thames valley police for how they conducted themselves today.
It was heart warming to see their officers kneel down with us it was a lovely gesture and shows they understand our pain, hurt and frustration.


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