Yuletide: APGA berates Ikpeazu over wages of Abia workers, pension arrears


The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), section of the State of Abia, denounced Governor Okezie Ikpeazu about the alleged inability of his government to pay the accumulated wages and pension arrears due to Abia workers and seniors respectively.

It was then that the party called on the governor to show sympathy rather than meanness to workers and retirees by paying what is owed to them, especially during this Christmas season.

Hon. Nkem Okoro, in a statement to Umuahia on Sunday, said it was both illegal and unholy to do otherwise given the amount of money the government receives each month.

The APGA statement reads in part: “We are terribly disappointed that after carrying out countless audit exercises and setting up various salary committees, the government led by Okezie Ikpeazu has not been able to solve the embarrassing problem of non-payment of wages.

“It will be recalled that after many unsuccessful promises and commitments, including the establishment of joint government-worker bargaining committees, Ikpeazu made a public commitment to clear all back wages owed to workers here December 2018. Unfortunately, the government has reneged on this promise.

“We are gravely concerned because the failure of the Ikpeazu has led the government to prioritize the well-being of workers since taking office,” the government says, disagreeing with modern economic principles, especially when ‘This is the role of prompt payment of wages in the economic development of a state.

“Ikpeazu’s failure to meet the wage challenges faced by Abia workers has not only delayed Abia’s development, but has also charged the government with a government that has not been frugal and responsibility in the management of Abia’s resources. There is no valid explanation for this.

“It is an intolerable insult to the sensitivity of Abia workers that, while workers in progressive states have since received their December wages, including the 13th month, many Abia workers only receive their wages. April to December, while many have no hope of receiving anything. We cannot find any words to explain Ikpeazu’s action other than wickedness.

“As at this time, many Abia retirees have given up hope of never being paid their pension arrears, after having been repeatedly drenched in promises not kept by the government. It is not the mark of a state of God.

“We know that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is still the superintendent of business for the state’s 17 LGAs in the face of their resources, so we hold him responsible for the salary protests that rocked the LGAs.

“We are once again appealing to the government led by Okezie Ikpeazu to show its sympathy to our workers and our seniors by paying them what is due to them, because it is both illegal and impious to do otherwise, all the more , given the amount of money the government receives each month. ”


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